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Matchmaker for love is a matchmaker who cares about love and romance as a major ingredient to a lasting relationship.

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Our Process

Our unique matchmaking process begins with carefully selected introductions. Every week, we meet and sign up desirable singles and select the ones that are perfect for you. We use state of the art recruiting techniques that place an utmost importance on mutual interests and compatibility to introduce you to quality individuals like yourself. While you are busy at work, we are busy searching for that special someone for you via parties, social events, fashion shows, equestrian events, social media and through networking and referrals. We are very selective about whom we work with, and not everyone will qualify for our membership.

Membership Options

We begin with meeting you in person and creating a custom membership tailored to fit your needs and budget. Our fees vary depending on how particular you are, how long you want to work with us, and how busy you would like us to keep your social life. Our goal is to help find you the perfect life partner, based on love, romance and a lasting relationship with “the one”!

Trustworthy Matchmakers

Matchmaker for Love is a premiere boutique matchmaking company. We work with people who are serious about love and romance and who are looking for that “someone special” to share their dreams, hopes and successes with.

Background Screening

We realize that there are a lot of “players” out there, and we only accept members who are looking for the real thing. We screen every member personally and do background checks to ensure there are no scary “skeletons” hanging in the closet such as financial disasters or spouses lurking in the background. There are no “surprises” when you work with our seasoned matchmakers, who have been practicing their craft for over 10 years and have the experience and intuition it takes to do matchmaking the right way.

Attraction is much more than lusting over a beautiful body

We make introductions based on similar lifestyles, religion and goals as we believe that the couples who stay together the longest are the ones who are the most compatible. Although physical attraction is important, we also believe that external beauty is not the only form of attraction and only one of many requirements to a lasting relationship. Our focus is on your happiness in finding the right relationship. A relationship built on trust, love, physical attraction and compatibility.


Our company is completely confidential and offline. We do not share testimonials, as it would betray our golden rule of protecting our clients confidentially. We wouldn’t skirt this trust by using our clients initials either in place of their names as this could come across as non genuine.

Reviewing Matchmaker for Love

It is a proven fact that reviews appearing on the internet for and against a business are most likely fake. We do not solicit our clients to leave reviews, insuring our confidentiality. If you see an online review, you should know its fake.

Customized approach to matchmaking

We pride ourselves on being honest with our clients in providing them with valuable feedback after each date, as well as providing our clients with customized image consulting, date and relationship coaching and a little TLC.

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